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Why do JUMBO Cargo Products not have a CE mark?

NOTE: There are many straps on the market with incorrect or misleading labels. For example, straps do not have a machine guideline. CE marking / CE quality mark is therefore not applicable. If in doubt, you can ask any inspection body whether a manufacturer / importer has a valid certificate. Improper use of a CE quality mark on lashings is seen as a deception and is even an economic offense. Sometimes there is even a CE mark that means  C hina  E xport!

How do I use JUMBO straps?

Do not use straps for goods that can move out of place.
Do not use straps for heavy objects or for goods that catch a lot of wind.
Carrier straps are not insulated. Do not use the binders with or for live electrical equipment and equipment.
Never secure a hook with the tip.
Never stretch a carrier strap beyond 100% of its natural length.
Watch out for the quick release of the carrier straps! Keep eyes, hands and other sensitive body parts away from the straps when stretching them.
After use, store the straps in a safe, dry place away from children.
Carrier straps weather through intensive use and due to weather influences. Check and replace the straps regularly.

How do you use JUMBO Lashing Straps?

Lashing straps should not be used for towing cars.Use a JUMBO corner protector to protect sharp or sensitive edges.
Make sure that the surfaces or objects to which you attach the straps are sufficiently sturdy.
Do not overtighten the straps. NEVER exert a greater pulling force than indicated on the product packaging.
Check the straps every 40 kilometers.
Lashing straps weather through intensive use and due to weather influences. Replace the straps regularly.
Take extra care when securing goods that are heavy and can catch a lot of wind. Make sure enough lashings are used.
NEVER USE TOOLS or leverage to attach the straps. Only use muscle strength.

How do I ride with the JUMBO Towing Cable?

Turn on the warning lights of the car you are towing.
Turn the ignition key of the car you are towing without starting (this is how to unlock the steering lock)
Drive slowly and carefully. Please indicate in good time when you leave the road.
The driver of the towed car must ensure that the tow rope is always under tension. Brake gently if necessary to keep the cable under tension.

How do you use JUMBO cover nets?
How does the warranty for JUMBO Cargo Products work?


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