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Jumbell Slackline

Jumbo Cargo Products now has our own innovation lab! Our innovation lab is all about renewing and improving our products. We also value sustainable inventions.

Contemporary life and the future are central to our innovation sessions. What is happening around us and how can we contribute to society?

In April, the JUMBO team joined forces. COVID-19 has made a major impact worldwide. What can we as a company do to help people get through the COVID-19 pandemic?

We started brainstorming and this resulted in the JUMBELL!

The Jumbell Slackline has been developed to stimulate movement in a playful way. Exercise is very important for a healthy life. Especially during this period it is important to think about our health.

The Jumbell Slackline is a challenging balance line with various obstacles to practice with. There is a safety loop on the obstacles. Thanks to the safe topline you can jump without worries!

Playing outside with friends. Also great fun for parents!